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Design, with heart.



The difference between a good brand, and a great brand? Longevity. Great brands stand the test of time. They create experiences. They tell a story. Through thoughtful designs that speak directly to the heart of your audience, we give your brand a voice to stand out in a sea of ‘others’, and ignite that human connection before you even have to speak a word.

From logos, business cards to stationery and website design, we’ll translate your brand’s narrative into a visual journey through our nuanced understanding of the landscape and tell your audience not only the what, but the how and the why.

custom logos | brand guidelines | identity | strategy and creative direction | business cards | packaging | marketing collateral | look books | magazines | invitations | brochures | catalogues | menus | wedding stationery | signage | POS and displays for retail etc

Add ons available: Website - Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress | Landing Page Design



Textile and pattern design serve as a tactile extension of your brand - and its beauty is in the details. We’ll be your partner through the entire textile journey, whether it be the intricate creation of technical sketches, pattern drawings, placement prints, or complete tech packs for production, to help you translate your textile visions to life - from our first sip of coffee to discuss your ideas, all the way to the final production of your design.

fabric | placement prints | repeat prints



Art, in any form, should be personal, inspiring, and speak to the very heart of whoever views it. We’ll collaborate on your ideas, hopes, and ambitions for the piece, and infuse our own creative license to give your bespoke artwork that unique and impactful touch. Whether it be to fashion a space through a giant wall mural, to paint a timeless family portrait or heirloom, or to simply create a bespoke art piece that is something truly unique - each of our commissioned pieces are individual, distinctive and never the same. 

paintings | wall murals | portraits | commercial | drawing | paint | pen | pencil | watercolour



The ever-changing digital world today has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and creativity for the design industry. By aligning to the visual aesthetics and the underlying core message of your brand - we create a visual story-board that ensures and conveys consistency and clarity in your brand across every single touchpoint you have with your audience.

packaging | stationery | e-books | email signatures | corporate collateral | web banners | EDM design | social media | creative direction | social media graphics/template | animation | instagram stories



Illustration has the power to give your brand that unique edge in market. From digital drawings, delicate hand illustrations, vector graphics, seasonal artwork for packaging, advertising, marketing material or websites, we believe in illustrating with graphic intention, and are never (ever!) afraid to get our hands dirty.

By intertwining your ideas with our playful spirit and our understanding of artistic proportion, realism and form, we create bespoke illustrations that trigger human connection, reaction and emotion through either handcrafted or digital mediums.

hand crafted and digital art | packaging | marketing materials | gift packs | infographics | iconography | finished art



Being artistic is in our DNA, so we like to challenge creative norms and dare to be different. We believe design should never be approached in the same stock standard way, but rather be planned, created and designed with the individual brand’s story itself at its core. 

Through our art and creative direction, we give your brand a depth of character, consistency, and ‘wow-factor’ across all your creative endeavours. Whether you’re looking to photograph a new product range, style your brick and mortar store, or get an in-depth strategy regarding your overall visual message, we provide guidance and direction to give your brand the look it deserves.

photography direction | brand styling | creative consultancy