Our Team


As the faces behind the name, you could say there’s a sprinkle of the McMurray sisters in just about everything we do at BobbyMac.

Born of a dedication to their grandparents who played as big inspirational figures through their creative development (Hayley and Adele’s grandfather, Bobby was a creative engineer and Mac was himself a designer who designed the original Smith’s packet!), it’s no lie that design has always been in their blood.

But it’s not just the design work that inspired them to go out and create ‘the studio that cares’.

For BobbyMac, it’s all about the people. Their stories. Their ambition. And their will to make the world a better place. Because we take our role and the honour to be part of our client’s journey to be something special and personal. From their client interactions (read: a chat with a great friends or a partner-in-crime), to the way they always dig just a little bit (a lot) deeper to get to the core of how through great design, BobbyMac can help a brand to change the world - every touch point is carefully considered and no detail is too small.




A homebody and adventure seeker, handy women and passionate creative.

When she’s not in design mode, Hayley is an enthusiastic tea-drinker (English Breakfast and with a dash of milk and no sugar, please),  enjoys being on outdoor adventures (with no destination), is a part-time pet sitter and walker, and is easily recognisable through her pink hair which expresses a big part of who she is without her even having to say a word.

With over 8 years of experience, a Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication, and a wealth of experience working with brands like Sukin, Belkin and Adairs under her belt - Hayley’s heart is geared to making a difference when it comes to helping brands achieve their higher purpose.




A nomad and avid traveller, creative coffee maker and passionate creative.

Adele is a self taught photographer with an eye for composition and capturing those beautiful candid moments. Loves using old fashioned film and the occasion old school disposable camera by keeping things real and raw.

With a real knack for hand typography and sign writing, keeping the cafes she’s managed in oz and the UK on brand and super stylish.

Illustration is Adele’s jam! With a softer touch and more delicate style her illustration can take your brand to the next level.

That’s what it’s all about for the girls at BobbyMac - good design, good people, and doing good while we’re all at it.