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 We’re for the change-makers; passionate people; enthusiastic entrepreneurs and big-hearted business folk of the world.




We love brands who do good. And in kind, our mission is to help them to amplify their purpose with ideas and design that are out-of-the-box, considered and conscious. 

Working with BobbyMac is designed to be different. With a five-step design process that makes you think, makes you smile - and most importantly, gets you to your brand’s “eureka!” moment. Using intricate design work, we play to our curious nature with inquisitive discovery that brings the unique stories of your brand to life.

Specialising in all facets of branding, typography, illustration, print, digital design, art direction and more, we help businesses with a purpose amplify their message of change through visual designs that emote, connect and inspire those that need to hear it.

Non-vanilla and out-of-the-box, BobbyMac Design is multifaceted design studio specialising in helping purpose-driven brands tell their story through memorable, visual storytelling.

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