Making the Leap from Full-Time to Freelance

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It all started with a series of epiphanies, usually when I was away on holidays living my best life with not a care in the world. Followed by long, unfulfilling hours doing the same thing day in day out with no sense of purpose, growth or joy.

After 6 years in the industry I had already gained a tonne of experience and knowledge and felt like working for someone was just not cutting it. I needed more. More challenges, more opportunities and a chance to work and surround myself with likeminded people. As of May 2018 I quit my full-time job with no real game plan or idea what the heck I was doing and took the exciting yet terrifying leap into full time freelancing.

It was always a goal of mine to be my own boss lady but I was never ready. It was never the right time. But whenever is it!?


Like most, travelling and seeing how the other half lived - boss babes and hustlers I mean, really opened my eyes to what life could and should be like again. Life is far too short. Cheesy but true! I wanted to work with likeminded people, brands and businesses. I wanted to know what I put my heart and soul into was for a good purpose. I read a fair few self help books like the "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K" and it helped reinforce what I’ve wanted all of these years. Thank you Sarah Knight! 😘

My biggest fear before I started freelancing was having no stability. No money coming in and no stable income. And a lot of the hesitation comes from mindset - something I am still working on it myself. There are lots of great podcasts (a few of my favs are Stevie Says Social, Startup Creative, Lady Startup) and books (great reads such as Sarah Knight’s Self Help Series, Lisa Messenger’s Life, Love and Business Guides, and Ikigai. The Japanese Secret for a Long and Happy Life and The Barefoot Investor ) out there so educate yourself and get into the habit of owning money and not let money own you!

To overcome the fear it’s good to have a part time job even and wean your way off work until you have enough cash coming. That’s one lesson I have learnt the hard way….SAVE SAVE SAVE where possible so over Christmas especially you have some extra cash stashed for the quieter times.


01 | Self Discipline and Time Management - Not going to lie…this is a tough one to get the hang of. Especially when working from home. It takes practice, trial and error and repetition. Joining a co-working space is a great start. I swear by old fashioned to do lists and writing the following days jobs/goals the night before or planning your week on a Sunday evening. Setting times of the day to check emails so you can stay in a sense of creative flow as well as investing in some apps to help with business and life process (such as Dubsado, Asana, and Fabulous).

02 | Great Networking Skills - Put yourself and your work out there. Comment on posts and start a conversation with people and attend meetups, workshops and events in you city or local area. A big thing that has enabled me to grow my biz was joining Owner Collective’s High End Hustlers Program - HIGHLY RECOMMEND! and actively being a part of Facebook groups such as Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, Lady Startup Lounge and Business Chicks.

03 | Your Why - Remember why you are doing it because it will get really tough at times and the universe will test you, but when you start to feel overwhelm or over it all ask yourself why. Why did you become a freelancer? Why did you start your own business? This helps ground you and reminds you of the life you left and what you want you life to really look like.

Yes it is cheesy but the time is now! Live your best life people!

If you have any questions, advice or stories please reach out and share you thoughts below ☺️