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BobbyMac is a Melbourne based design studio– for the passionate people, the enthusiastic entrepeners, the heart driven brands or brands to be and the people with a purpose.

The name BobbyMac is dedicated to Hayley’s grandparents, who were a massive part of her creative development and her inherited creative skills! With over 6 years of industry experience – Hayley has gained a wold of knowledge working for brands like Sukin, Adairs, Belkin and Garden State Hotel. With this comes a versatile folio and array of available services from highly creative and technical design to unique art pieces for the home.



Owner + Creative Director

 As the face behind the name, you could say that there’s a sprinkle of Hayley in just about everything we do at BobbyMac.


Born of a dedication to her grandparents who played as big inspirational figures through her creative development (Hayley’s grandfather, Bobby was himself a designer who designed the original Smith’s packet!), it’s no lie that design has always been in her blood. 

But it’s not just the design work that inspired Hayley to go out and create ‘the studio that cares’. 

For Hayley, it’s all about the people. Their stories. Their ambition. And their will to make the world a better place. Because we take our role and the honour to be part of our client’s journey to be something special and personal. From her client interactions (read: a chat with a great friends or a partner-in-crime), to the way she always digs just a little bit (a lot) deeper to get to the core of how through great design, BobbyMac can help a brand to change the world - every touch point is carefully considered and no detail is too small.

With over 8 years of experience, a Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication, and a wealth of experience working with brands like Sukin, Belkin and Adairs under her belt - Hayley’s heart is geared to making a difference when it comes to helping brands achieve their higher purpose.

That’s what it’s all about for Hayley - good design, good people, and doing good while we’re all at it.



Driven by Purpose

We are consciously for the conscious. Our business rotates around purpose driven brands seeking to do good - so by design, we help them. We’re for the spark plugs; the passionate people, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and big-hearted business folk who have bold ideas for the future and aren’t afraid to see them come to life.

Kindness is Kind

We behave in business as we do in life: with a slice of kindness, a serving of patience and a big dollop of decency. We enjoy, and relish in the humble gift of everyday, and we steer away from mundanity. You won’t find any cold, clinic design experiences here. We’re all about the big, warm fuzzies, meetings that aren’t minuted, and proactive, helpful service at every turn.

Opening Eyes

We’re all about bringing the best your brand can do to the fore. Through intentional, inquisitive briefing during our five-step design process, we help clients reach their ‘eureka!’ moment by helping them to push their own boundaries - and, all without overloading them with design concepts (... expect three at most).



We don’t do normal. Our designs are minimal, modern, distinctive - and always exceptional, because we don’t want to create things just because they look nice, sell well or get the most pins on Pinterest. Clients find us because we provide something they cannot find elsewhere, or duplicate.